Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Is Your Stomach Stretched??

In weight loss it is important to know the size of your stomach. The stomach is a muscle that can get stretched by too many "all you can eat" meals. The capacily of a normal stomach is about 4 cups of food. However, if it is stretched beyond that you will be hungary until you fill it up. That is why after a big meal in the evening you wake up very hungry. Your stomach has stretched and now is painfully aware that it is needing to be filled up again. If you have a stomach that is stretched 2 or 3 times its size, it is going to want more than the normal portion. If you can eat 4 cups of food and still feel hungry, then your stomach is probably stretched out of porportion. Now for the great news! You can shrink it back quickly by cutting back on the amount you eat and training your stomach to shrink. The body is a marvelous thing and we have to treat it right to stay fit and healthy.

Mollie McCarl
Personal Trainer
Fitness Spa