Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Why Nutrients Keep Your Body Healthy

We all know that eating right is the way to go, but here are some interesting facts to remember when you reach for the healthy apple instead of a candy bar. Nutrients do not have immediate effects. It is gradual as the vitamins and minerals nourish the body. The business of nutrition is to build a better body. To do this Nature has to turn over body cells. Amazingly, a blood cell last only 60 – 120 days. In 3 to 4 months your whole blood supply is completely replaced. In 6 months almost all the proteins in you body die and are replaced, even the DNA of your genes. In a year all your bones and even the enamel of your teeth are replaced, constructed entirely out of the nutrients you eat. For example, if you neglect a plant and then begin to take care of it again, the progress is slow, but soon you have a healthy plant. Our bodies react the same in that they will gradually improve in a healthy way with nutrient dense food such as fruit and vegetables.
I highly recommend Juice Plus as a supplement to your healthy diet. With its 17 raw fruits and veggies, it is a great way to help build healthy cells.

Mollie McCarl
Certified Personal Trainer
Owner, Fitness Spa770-632-3595