Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Link Between Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Cosmetic Industry

24-7 -- American women have grown tired of the billion dollar cosmetic industry not addressing 21st century needs. By not providing cosmetic brushes That promotes comfort, provides an easy grip or help alleviate pain in the fingers associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis and other Musculoskeletal Disorders. writes" the force place on the fingers, hand and wrist by repetitive task contributes to CTS"

"Women are three times more likely to have carpal tunnel syndrome than men. Although there is limited research on why this is the case, scientists have several ideas. It may be that the wrist bones are naturally smaller in most women, creating a tighter space through which the nerves and tendons must pass. Other researchers are looking at genetic links that make it more likely for women to have musculoskeletal injuries such as CTS. Women also deal with strong hormonal changes during pregnancy and menopause that make them more likely to suffer from CTS."Medic 8 Family Health Guide(May 2008)" the three fingers affected by musculoskeletal pain such as carpal tunnel syndrome are the thumb, index and middle finger.

Denise Brown Hubbard a makeup artist for the past 25 years; suffers from hand and finger pain do to carpal tunnel syndrome; she explains" the technology exist to develop cost effective cosmetic brushes to address pain in the fingers associated with Musculoskeletal Disorders the findings stem for 4 years of research" as stated by the Curtis National Center. "CTS is from constant muscular contractions, the tendons that move the fingers go through the carpal tunnel. Chronic over working of the tendons causes them to swell with cause's pressure on nerves. This starts the carpal tunnel symptoms." Denise explains" the pain from those disorders are sometimes felt in the fingers and that is what the cosmetic industry have the ability to address. By developing brushes to contour, the digital bone structure of the fingers instead of resting on top of the bones will relieve pressure on the three fingers affected most by musculoskeletal pain. Focusing on the Digital Bone Structure of the fingers to relieve stress, will provide comfort, an easy grip and ultimately help reduce the pain in the fingers that come from musculoskeletal disorders."

According to Curtis National Hand Center "recognized as the largest most experienced hand center in the nation" statement on Hand Injuries and Conditions "the hand is involved in almost every activity we undertake from the moment we wake until we end our day. Yet we often take our healthy hands for granted. It is when we can not use our hands that we realize how vital they are each minute of our lives."