Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Atlanta Chosen as "Biggest Loser"

Contest website:

24-7 - Mari Garner, founder and owner of The American Boot Camp Company, Atlanta's leading results based fitness company, has been chosen by Atlanta's NBC affiliate, 11Alive, to be one of only two trainers to lead Atlanta's very own The Biggest Loser contest using the same guidelines as the well-known national smash hit TV reality show.

Beginning August 25, 2008, hopeful contestants will submit video applications to be selected on one of two finalist teams. The top 12 finalists will weigh in live on September 17 and begin their 12-week journey to become Atlanta's Biggest Loser. Every Tuesday, contestants will weigh-in and one contestant will be eliminated. Viewers tuning into 11Alive will receive updates and tips from Mari Garner on Wednesday's and Friday's and will be able to see how her team shrinks when they appear live every other week. Mari's team, the Red Team, will receive health screenings, enjoy a personalized nutrition plan, and participate in a boot camp fitness regimen provided by The American Boot Camp Company for the entire 12 weeks. The grand finale will air live on December 13, 2008 when one person will be named Atlanta's Biggest Loser.

Even those not chosen to be a contestant on Atlanta's Biggest Loser can still be a part of the contest. The American Boot Camp Company has created a website dedicated to aiding others in their own journey to become The Biggest Loser. The website will allow viewers to see what's happening with the team, obtain workout and nutrition samples, read success stories, take advantage of fitness tips, and register for giveaways.

Why was The American Boot Camp Company chosen? "Boot camp is the hottest fitness trend in the country, and is a wonderful way to meet health-related goals and have a good time while you're doing it," said Mari Garner, founder of The American Boot Camp Company. "My experience and qualifications as a lead group instructor and the amazing transformations my clients have achieved who have completed my Boot Camp programs played a huge factor in my being selected to lead Atlanta's Biggest Loser contest. Contestants selected to be on my team will be a tremendous force to be reckoned with - there is no doubt - and I know they will be thrilled with their results. Tune in to watch 'Team Mari' contestants' transform their bodies, health and attitude to become the winner and Biggest Loser in Atlanta!"

Garner says that in a society based in efficiency, her boot camp is one of the best full body workouts available. Participants frequently burn up to 750 calories in a 45-minute workout and watch their physique change dramatically in a very short period of time. The American Boot Camp Company workouts combine athletic-based drills, interval training and core conditioning with running and strength training to provide ultimate results. Coupled with a balanced nutrition regimen, this program is designed to help clients of all fitness levels get into shape quickly and stay in shape for life. This intense program has helped hundreds of ordinary people from every stage of health/fitness reach beyond their fitness goals.

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