Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Beating Holiday Indigestion

(StatePoint) Everyone wants to be home for the holidays -- but not on account of embarrassing digestive upsets.

Hollywood nutritionist and registered dietitian Ashley Koff offers advice for avoiding digestive pitfalls and helping you overcome these unwanted holiday episodes that can result from stress, overeating and overindulgence.

* Don't Be a Last Minute Shopper -- Nobody wants to be shopping at the last minute, and the same holds true for preventing holiday digestive distress. Begin addressing your digestive woes as early as possible with a clinically-proven probiotic, such as Align, to help establish the right balance of good and bad bacteria. Also, become aware of known gastric irritants and begin to make appropriate replacements.

* Gift-Wrap a Healthy Dish -- Volunteer to bring a tasty, healthy dish that works for your digestive system to a holiday meal and turn worry about a potential embarrassing upset into delicious enjoyment. You'll be less stressed for the get together and your host will undoubtedly appreciate the gift.

* Great Things DO Come in Small Packages -- Allow yourself to enjoy a treat during the holidays, but treat yourself to a taste or bite. The smaller portion will be better for your digestive system and keep you from feeling deprived.

* It's a Holi-DAY Not a Holi-MONTH -- While certain foods can trigger digestive distress when consumed even once, avoid ongoing irritation and the resulting more intense (chronic) distress by limiting your celebration to one day each month.

* Holiday Healers -- Did you know that some well known holiday treats such as peppermint and ginger are natural digestive healers?

* 'Tis the Season -- Because life happens despite the best laid plans. Keep yourself hydrated (i.e., water, coconut water), get a day of liquids to rest the digestive system and avoid known gastric irritants. What's the best way to deal with a bad day? End it ... Go to bed as early as possible.

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