Monday, December 29, 2008

Afternoon Snacking Key To Achieving Weight-Management Success

(NAPSI)-Here's food for thought: In an attempt to stay on track with weight-management goals, more than 57 percent of women surveyed try to skip their afternoon snack. But waiting too long between meals may lead to unhealthy eating at the next meal. Instead, snacking on items containing whole grains and fiber can stave off afternoon hunger and help weight managers achieve their goals.

In the survey commissioned by Kellogg Company, Opinion Research Corp. found that 44 percent of women cited afternoons as their prime time for snacking. This long stretch between lunch and dinner presents weight managers with a tricky moment of truth: how to satisfy their hunger without sacrificing their goals.

"We know from talking with consumers that planning snacks ahead of time is important to assist in your weight-management goals while you are at work or on the go," says Julie Salmen, R.D., Kellogg Company. "But with a savory, crunchy snack like Special K® Crackers, women now have a snack that provides eight grams of whole grains and one gram of fiber in a 90-calorie portion to help them stay on track."

Afternoon snacking is a great way to stay on track with weight-management goals. But with 42 percent of women saying they reach for candy or chips in the afternoon, it can also lead to bad snacking decisions. Choosing a snack option like new Special K® Crackers, which contain 90 calories per 17 crackers, will help achieve a new you in the New Year.

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