Sunday, November 01, 2009

Carb-Cutting Hints For Weight Control

(NAPSI)-Carb overload opportunities are everywhere, especially during seasonal holidays. However, cutting carbs doesn't have to mean shying away from gatherings where breads, rice, pasta, pastries and other starch-heavy foods might tempt you to break your diet. Try these tips for avoiding carb-related weight gain:

Eat Pre-Event: Eat some healthy snacks before going to an event where food is being served. You'll be less likely to indulge in carb-laden foods if you're not starving when you arrive. Also, keep healthful foods in your refrigerator at home as well as at work, to avoid spontaneous snacking on carbs and sweets.

Plan Your Plate: At a party or buffet, take a look at all the foods offered before loading up your plate. Then make a choice. Pick one item to indulge in and only allow yourself to do so after you've eaten some of the healthier selections.

Use Effective Aids: If you have trouble sticking to a low-carb diet, you might try an affordable carb-control supplement such as Natrol® Carb Intercept®, which is meant to be used as part of your reduced-calorie diet plan to help you safely lose weight without counting carbohydrates. Its manufacturer says the product helps neutralize carbs found in breads, cereals, rice, pasta and other starch-containing foods, and that it helps metabolize fat-all without causing the nervous energy associated with some diet pills.

Know The Enemy: Watch out for foods containing "hidden" carbs. They can include processed cheese, certain deli meats that are made with fillers, and dishes made with honey. A number of cocktails can contain carbs as well, especially drinks made with a fruit-juice-concentrate mixer.

Hydrate Healthily: Drinking water or green tea when dessert is offered could help you keep to your diet. Also try staying active at a party. Stand, don't sit, and walk around the room when a craving hits, or even take a spin on the dance floor if that's an option. For more information or a discount coupon, go to or call (800) 2-NATROL.

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