Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gout Pain Relief Drugs Help Kidney Disease Sufferers

/24-7/ -- What used to be a cure for one disease can also be used to cure others. This is a new discovery that brings hope to those who are suffering from diseases that takes their life away slowly. This new research showed a significant role of gout pain treatment in treating one common and fatal disease called Chronic Kidney Disease or CKD.

According to the analysis shown in the new issue of Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology or (CJASN), Allopurinol treatments to CKD patients will decrease inflammation, slows the progression of the disease and it will also decrease the risk of having Cardiovascular conditions.

Allopurinol, a common relief for gout works by inhibiting the enzymes used to produce uric acid. Thus it decreases the amounts of uric acid the blood stream. Excess of this Uric acid or Hyperuricemia accumulates in the joints and forms crystals which causes tremendous pain and inflammation.

Gout is usually located forming on the big toe. This is a painful experience to those who are experiencing it. But with the studies made by Marian Goicoechea, PhD, Jose Luño, MD (Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañón, in Madrid, Spain) and their colleagues, they found through research that same medicine can help CKD patients.

The researches have done this by having randomized trial of 113 CKD patients who were divided by two groups being the first one given a daily medication of Allopurinol and the other continue their usual therapy. They studied the kidney disease progression, Cardiac arrests and hospitalizations among these patients.

After two years of thorough research they have found out that patients who were taking Allopurinol showed a major progress in the control of the disease they were having. They had low levels of uric acid and C-reactive Protein (a major indicator of inflammation). The control group had kidney functions declined while the Allopurinol treated ones showed the opposite.

This is a promising move and though the authors say they have more studies to go, until they confirm this, it's a reason for giving hope to those persons who are suffering from this dreadful disease. Time will come that these studies will be perfected and will help mankind live for more.

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