Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fun Fat Loss

           Fitness Spa’s Fat Loss Tips
1) Drink 8 - 10 glasses of water a day.  This is CRUCIAL to losing weight.  
YOU MUST DO THIS if you intend to lose weight! 
 2) Eat EVERY 90 MINUTES  and drink water
 3) Always take the stairs instead of riding the elevator. 
 4) Always take the opportunity to increase your daily activity, such as parking your car farther away
 from work or the store then you usually do.  This will increase the amount you have to walk and 
will burn more calories in your day. 
 5) Try the Water Trick: Before every meal, drink 1 LARGE glass of water
You are not to start eating until you have fully consumed this large glass of water.  
Half way through your meal, drink another large glass of water.  Again, you are not 
to start eating, until you have finished this glass of water.  After your meal, drink one more 
large glass of water.  You should drink 3 large glasses total at the meal. 
 6) Make sure in addition to doing cardio activity (walking, jogging, cycling, etc.) 4-6 days a week, you should 
also strength training at least 3 days a week with a personal trainer (like me!)