Thursday, November 09, 2006

Just say "no" to over vaccinating

In the United States, state governments are bribed with money bonuses through CDC grants to achieve high vaccination rates in public schools.  Mass vaccination is big business. The dozens of doses of vaccines that doctors are now telling children (and adults) they must have has created a cash cow for pediatricians and drug companies.  The body is created to fight off disease with healthy cells from nutrition.  Over-vaccinating has created a weaken ability in the body to fight on its own.  One-day-old children are being vaccinated for Hepatitis B.  There is no data showing infants are getting Hep B so why are they getting all these unnecessary shots?  The drug companies make their money by shoving vaccinations in young children.  Autism has gone up 300% in 3 years.  Why? The link is being made to 30 shots of vaccinations before the child is age 10.  The mercury in these vaccinations causes incredible damage to the brain.  A child would have to weigh 300 pounds to be able to absorb the amount of mercury being forced into their system.  Keep your child healthy through raw fruits and vegetables.