Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Revolutionary Bandage Stops Bleeding On The Spot

(NAPSI)-An impressive new invention in first aid is a bandage that stops bleeding on the spot--from minor cuts to deeper lacerations.

Previously available only to doctors, this new consumer product stops bleeding in hundreds of situations-sports injuries, nosebleeds, wilderness and camping, patients on blood thinners like Coumadin, extreme sports, etc.

Called ABC Gauze, which stands for Advanced Bleeding Control, the product is used by simply applying it to the wound area. When ABC Gauze makes contact with blood, the natural cellulose gauze turns into a safe, clear gel that expands and adheres to the wound, promoting clotting and quickly stopping the bleeding.

Not only does ABC Gauze stop bleeding fast, it painlessly washes off with water and doesn't hurt like sticky adhesives.

To purchase the product and learn more about how it works, visit www.ABCgauze.com.

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