Sunday, June 04, 2006

Frightening Fast Food

A great demonstration as to how bad fast food is!


Get a plain hamburger from McDonalds with no catsup or pickle.  Leave it in the bag for a week.  You will find that the hamburger doesn’t rot and the bread doesn’t turn green.  We have a hamburger that is 1 year old and it hasn’t changed a bit.  It just shows that the food is shot full of preservatives that it is not food any more.  If food doesn’t rot then it is not food!  We even left a plain hamburger by an ant pile and the ants wouldn’t eat it because they know it is not FOOD!  After what we have learned we haven’t eaten at fast food places since…  Children as young as 3 have hardening of the arteries from the junk we feed them.  Researchers are saying that our kids are so unhealthy that this may be the 1st generation that won’t outlive their parents.