Sunday, June 04, 2006

Beat Cellulite!

This is a great article about a product that has just come on the market to help get rid of toxins and heavy metals in our bodies.  Cellulite is caused by toxins stuck in fat cells so by ridding the body of toxins, the cellulite disappears.  Yea!  It’s a smart way to smooth those thighs!  These detoxing drops work miracles.  I take the detox drops 3 times a day.

“How many times in your life have you heard about a new product that is said to be: revolutionary, incredible, state of the art, the best that money can buy… Often claims are made that a new product will by itself make you healthy.

We might hear these words and simply look the other way, or we might try the new product. We might feel nothing, or we might notice a difference on the winding road to improving our health. So what does fish have to do with the “silver bullet” that will promote good health, a sense of well being, and freedom from disease?

First a little about my background, for the last 18 years, I have worked as an environmental health consultant researching the health of the Columbia River, releases from the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, and effects on people’s health. Hanford released millions of curies of radiation into the air, water and soil. Hanford has the unique distinction of being the most contaminated site in all of North America.

During those years, I have had the opportunity to meet and work with some the most knowledgeable people in the field of toxicology. I have attended meetings all over the world and have been fascinated by what experts know, what they officially can say, and what they cannot say. The most interesting piece of this experience is most experts agrees that the reason there is so much cancer, immune disorders, asthma, lupus, thyroid disorders, allergies, chronic fatigue, and other diseases is because of the toxic contaminants that we are exposed to each day from the air, water, food, drugs we take, smoking, and now, even the body burden of contaminants with which we are born.

In my work studying the Columbia River, I have seen fish with some very strange diseases. I have seen deformed fish with one eye, fish with lesions all over their bodies and some with a very advanced form of cancer where the skin is rotting. I have talked with many of the older Native Americans who have fished on the Columbia for decades and they have told me how over the last 50 years the fish have gotten worse. In the old days, before there were industries on the river, the Columbia ran cold and clear. Now it is one of the most toxic rivers in America. I believe we are just like the fish.

Our bodies are made up of a little more than 80% water. Fish live in water and if you have ever had a fish tank, you know that when the pH of the water is around 7.2, the water is clear and the fish are healthy and happy. If the water becomes acidic the fish get ulcers, almost like cancerous sores. If the water is too alkaline, they also get sick. If the condition lasts for too long, the fish die.

A short time back my wife and I were visiting my daughter in Vancouver and decided that there had to be something that would clean up the perpetually cloudy water in her fish tank. (She has had the two goldfish since 7th grade when she brought them home from a school carnival in a plastic bag.) The fish are over 6 inches long, and although the tank is large and she cleans it often, the tank always looked cloudy and dirty. At Pet Smart, I was sold a bottle of Zeolite, a white volcanic rock in granular form, to put into filters of the tank. Within three days the water was crystal clean and clear and has stayed that way ever since.

Not long after that experience I was introduced to Liquid Zeolite, a new nutritional supplement made from the same volcanic rock. The colloidal form of Zeolite, that is non-toxic and safe, is absorbed into the bloodstream and the toxins are trapped in the Zeolite crystal, then released from the body. I could not help but think of that fish tank and how fast it cleaned the water. So if I could remove the toxins from my body it would increase the pH and should help me on my journey to a healthy, happy next 50 years. This one made sense.

We are living in a toxic world. Our bodies are just like sponges, and every year you are alive, you absorb more substances that are toxic. And like the fish in the tank, if our bodies get dirty or way out of balance in pH, we get sick. The average newborn has 200 chemicals in the blood. Pretty alarming when you think about a newborn baby.

Up until now the choices for detoxifying have been somewhat limited. You can use chelation therapy, but there can be serious side effects and it is quite expensive. A new product on the market is called Natural Cellular Defense. It is the most exciting supplement product we have seen in years (see “New Connexions” March issue.) It removes heavy metals and other toxic materials from the body; it strengthens the immune system and balances pH. It also is safe for long-term use. I have been taking the product for two months now and feel much clearer in both mind and body - like a clear fish tank. I have more energy. We have seen it taken internally and applied to skin cancers and seen the cancers disappear. A friend’s dog diagnosed with bone cancer has made a miraculous recovery after being on NCD only three weeks. We believe it is a product with wide applications for cleansing and detoxifying for most people. Yet it alone it is not the “silver bullet”.

The most important lesson we have learned is that there is no “silver bullet” to health. No matter what anyone says about their particular product or exercise routine, you must be committed to eating right, taking high quality supplements for both nutrition and protection from free radical damage, and exercising regularly if you truly want to stay healthy. A holistic approach is needed. However, one of the most important parts of a healthy regime is to cleanse your body of its toxic substances. Change your body’s water to a healthy life supporting pH. If NCD can do that, it definitely might be worth a try.

There are multiple sources for healing all aspects of your life listed in this magazine. Get serious about your health and clean your body of those deadly contaminants. Then supplement it with good nutrients. You won’t regret it.”

Greg deBruler is an environmental health consultant that has worked on Hanford cleanup and environmental health issues with Northwest tribes for eighteen years. Cyndy deBruler is a retired pharmacist and hypnotherapist who offers nutritional counseling.

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