Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Low Carb Craze

Don’t be fooled by the “Low Carb” craze!  Eating too much meat can make you sluggish and give you extra doses of fat that is hard to burn off.  Remember, your body needs carbohydrates to give you energy to exercise and perform daily activities.  Plus, carbs are much easier to burn than fat.    “Low Carb” diets have an unbelievable detriment to your energy level and fat intake, but that is nothing to the effect this kind of diet has on your brain.  Remember, it is carbohydrates that power your brain.  Your brain is unable to break down fat or protein to perform the acts required to rearrange and make room for the new things you learn each day.  Your brain needs carbohydrates to function.  If your brain doesn’t get carbs it begins to find carbs within itself and begins to feed on itself!  Basically, when you limit your carb intake, you are decreasing your brain’s ability to process and store new information.  Carbs are not fatty and evil.  They do have a real purpose to fuel your brain.  It is not necessary to cut carbs to lose weight.  Remember, it is always better to choose whole grains over refined or enriched foods.