Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Natural forces within us are the true healers!

What’s Your Health Worth?

EAT COLORFUL!  Americans eat too much white food such as potatoes, rice, flour, white sugar, milk, cheese, white bread, and white pasta.  Why is this dangerous?  They can cause chronic killer diseases!  4500 independent studies show that fruits and vegetables can reduce your chance of getting cancer, but not only cancer.  The people who ate the most fruits and vegetables had½ the least occurrence of cancer, heart disease, and stroke.  50 grams of fiber is what is recommended to clean the body of carcinogen, however, most Americans get only 5 grams of fiber.  Low fiber is connected to breast cancer, colon cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  Every single fruit and veggie is loaded with fiber; just a cup of blueberries has 15 grams of fiber!  Juice Plus is not a substitute for healthy eating, but it has the nutrients of 17 raw fruits and vegetables.  Doctors love and recommend it.  Here at Fitness SPA we have seen people have their high blood pressure go down 66 points as well as their cholesterol in only 3 months.  Happily, since going on Juice Plus many have reduced their need for asthma medicine both in children and adults.  We want to make a difference in your well-being. If you have been thinking of trying Juice Plus, we can get it for you wholesale.  It’s only $1.37 a day!  If you would like more information online go to: or call me at Fitness SPA 770-632-3595.