Sunday, July 23, 2006

Save Your Daughter's Life

Alternative to Tanning Bed Dangers

Shockingly more and more people are getting skin cancer directly related to tanning beds.

Melanoma is on a sharp rise from a preventable cause.

As more and more girls head to the tanning beds, melanoma is increasing at an alarming rate.

Tanning beds cook you from the inside out, just like a microwave oven.

Haven’t you noticed how girls who are always in tanning beds have a roasted, odd, brown look? It’s because they really are cooked like a microwaved piece of meat. At a spa in Switzerland, they had to shut down their tanning beds when a woman stayed an hour in the bed and cooked her vital organs and died.

Robert Dellavalle, MD, PhD, assistant professor at the CU School of Medicine and co-author of the study, notes the $5-billion tanning salon industry counts more than 2.3-million United States among its customers.

Whereas tobacco purchasers in all 50 states must be 18 years of age, only three states have restrictions on youth tanning use, despite widely accepted evidence that youth is the most critical period for UV exposure, elevating skin cancer risk.

“While teens may seek indoor tanning because tanned skin is portrayed socially as beautiful and healthy, they are putting themselves at risk for serious health problems,” Dr. Dellavalle said. “Indoor tanning equipment may cause burns, immune system suppression, drug- and cosmetic-induced photosensitivity and an increased melanoma risk."

The development of melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer, is associated with exposure to high-intensity UV radiation or exposure to solar radiation at a young age. The most serious form of skin cancer, malignant melanoma, is expected to be diagnosed in 59,580 persons in 2005.1 Melanoma is the most common cancer among people 25 to 29 years old. UV rays from artificial sources of light, such as tanning beds and sun lamps are just as dangerous as those from the sun, and should also be avoided.

There is a healthy alternative to tanning beds called Airbrush tanning.

Angie McCarl, co-owner of Fitness Spa says, “our Airbrush tans are the first in Georgia to use this fabulous formula made from aloe and sugar beets. It’s so safe you could drink it! We offer you a golden tan without the risk of cancer. In just 30 minutes you can have a beautiful tan. Since Airbrush tanning is not a booth, we spray it on with no streaking or orange spots."

Airbrush Tanning is one way Americans are keeping their skin save from deadly UV radiation. For more information on airbrush tanning go to or call 770-632-3595.

1 Source: Cancer Facts and Figures 2005, American Cancer Society, 2005