Friday, December 15, 2006

Make Time for Yourself

Just a little holiday hug and to say make time for yourself! Most people don't take enough time for themselves during the holidays, and as a result, they get worn out and stressed—and become susceptible to illness. Take an hour a day for yourself.  Exercise, even just 20 minutes a day, really does relieve stress and increase your long-term energy levels. Go on a brisk walk or do stretches, crunches, squats, and other exercises at home or at a friendly gym like Fitness Spa...Be sure to take your whole food vitamins and minerals every day.  I really recommend Juice Plus with its 17 raw fruits and veggie in a capsule to keep cells healthy.  To help your body wind down at the end of the day, drink some herbal tea. This, combined with a hot bath and soothing music can help bring on a restful night's sleep.