Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Soft Drink Dangers

Dangers in drinking just one soft drink a day — whether diet or regular — may boost your risk of getting heart disease. Your soda habit increases the risk of developing a condition called metabolic syndrome and, according to new research, can boost the chance of getting both heart disease and diabetes. "Even one soda per day increases your risk of developing metabolic syndrome by about 50 percent," says Ramachandran Vasan, MD, professor of medicine at Boston University School of Medicine and the senior author of the study, published in the July 31 issue of the American Heart Association's journal Circulation. To be diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, three of five criteria must be met: a large waistline, elevated blood pressure, elevated fasting blood sugar, elevated fasting triglycerides, or reduced HDL or "good" cholesterol. "This study adds to the wealth of scientific evidence that sugar-sweetened beverages increase the risk of metabolic syndrome," says Vasan. Already, he says, the rise in sugary drink consumption has been linked to the epidemic of obesity and diabetes among children and teens and to the development of high blood pressure in adults. So grab the water for a healthier you! Don't forget to come by and get a free sample of Fitness Spa's delicious Alkaline Water which restores the body's PH to a perfect 7.365.

Mollie McCarl, Personal Trainer
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