Friday, October 03, 2008

Caregiver Community

(NAPSI)-Tens of millions of Americans currently serve as caregivers, and many are thrust into this role unexpectedly without knowing where to begin or how to go about protecting the health of an aging or ailing relative.

It is important to connect with other caregivers who understand the unique challenges you face every day-you're not in this all alone. One way to find support is by becoming part of an online community for caregivers, such as, which was developed by Intel Corporation in collaboration with the National Family Caregivers Association to connect professional and family caregivers.

"There are currently very few ways for caregivers to interact with each other to share information and emotional support, especially between family and professional caregivers," says Ian Ziering of "Beverly Hills: 90210" and "Dancing with the Stars," whose most important role was as a caregiver to his father, Paul, who until his recent passing suffered from kidney failure. " fills this void by promoting better communication and resource sharing between all caregivers and serving as an invaluable network of support."

It also helps to remember you can't properly care for someone when you're overwhelmed yourself. That's why it's wise to accept offers of help and even suggest specific things others can do. Learn more at

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