Friday, October 24, 2008

Staying Healthy At Work

(NAPSI)-Eating lunch at your desk might make you feel more productive at work, but could it also cost you more sick days?

It might, according to a University of Arizona study by microbiologist Dr. Charles Gerba. It showed that more bacteria and viruses are found on the average desk than in the office restroom.

So how can you avoid these office bugs and the sickness they might cause? Try these tips:

Stay Clean

Washing your hands more often, using hand sanitizer and wiping down your keyboard and phone receiver with disinfectant wipes are some basic ways to protect yourself.

Learn More

You can also visit an educational and entertaining Web site called It teaches visitors about various types of germs, where they live, how they spread and how to deal with them. The site features colorful yet somewhat disturbing characters such as Sal Monella and Missy Coli, who inhabit the "bustling town of Germville nestled in the grimy nooks and crannies of offices, schools, fitness centers and other locales."

Speak Up

You might ask your employer or facilities manager to find a cleaning service that uses science-based cleaning methods to eliminate and remove dangerous germs that cause disease.

A traditional cleaning crew might be doing little more than pushing germs around, or worse, cross-contaminating by using the same cloth to clean multiple areas or slinging dirty, contaminated water with a mop. In contrast, the Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System is comprised of innovative, science-based methodologies. It uses hospital-grade disinfectants, color-coded microfiber cleaning cloths and flat-mop technology to eradicate and remove harmful germs and reduce cross-contamination.

"It's important that we're educated about the steps we can take as individuals to protect ourselves from infectious germs that can make us sick," says Dr. Gerba. "For people who want to do more, health-based cleaning is scientifically proven to improve infection control and create a healthier environment."

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