Monday, April 10, 2006

Mollie’s Health Tip of the Month

An article in the Wall Street Journal “The Case Against Vitamins” fascinated me that said recent studies show that many vitamins not only don't help, they may actually cause harm.

March 20, 2006; Page R1

“Every day, millions of Americans gobble down fistfuls of vitamins in a bid to ward off ill health. They swallow mega doses of vitamin C in hopes of boosting their immune systems, B vitamins to protect their hearts, and vitamin E, beta-carotene and other antioxidants to fight cancer. It's estimated that 70% of American households buy vitamins. Annual spending on vitamins reached $7 billion last year, according to industry figures. But a troubling body of research is beginning to suggest that vitamin supplements may be doing more harm than good. Over the past several years, studies that were expected to prove dramatic benefits from vitamin use have instead shown the opposite.”

Even the American Cancer Society is not endorsing vitamins; they are instead recommending whole food supplements. The whole food supplements we love are the 17 fruits and veggies in the capsules of Juice Plus. We have now been on Juice Plus for a year and no one in my family has been sick. My mother is off of her asthma medicine and we all feel great. For a $1.37 a day, Juice Plus is a clear winner!