Friday, April 21, 2006


                                                          Dangerous Toxins Among Us


It only takes a half a tube of toothpaste to kill a child!  Toxins are everywhere.  Did you know that fluoride was used as a pesticide until the government decided it was too dangerous for human exposure.  So what did they do with all the excess fluoride?  They dumped it in the water supply and toothpaste and called it tarter control for teeth.  Here is the kicker…fluoride causes gingivitis!  Now they are even selling bottle water for children with added fluoride! 

Once toxins get into the body, they stay there.  Chemicals such as DDT, which have been banned for 30 years, are still regularly found in urine samples.  It is important to detoxify the body and cleanse it of these harsh chemicals.  There are many ways to detox the body beginning with special teas to cleansing spa treatments.  One of the best ways to detox the body is by using zeolite drops, which will remove toxins and even metals such as mercury.  The next step after you have started your detox program is to limit the number of toxins coming into the body.  Start eating only organic foods and shop at health food stores for natural body care products like shampoo, deodorant  and soap.  It is necessary to be aware of the toxins that surround us daily.


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